Asia’s 14th Bona Fide Birthday Bash

Asia’s 14th Bona Fide Birthday Bash

06/27/2020 Palm Beach Gardens, FL

It’s June 2020 and Covid-19 is still a big concern. It’s 90 degrees in the shade. Your daughter is turning 14 and really wants to have a party. What do you do? How do you make it fun and safe?

This was the dilemma our client Karen Cohen was facing. Karen, has used us in the past for their charity fundraisers. So when she called we knew exactly what a good mix would look like.

First have a giant Inflatable waterslide compliments of our friends at Jupiter Bounce so all the kids can practice social distancing in a fun way. Then add a Giant Jenga , Inflatable Pop-Shots basketball, 4 player Ping Pong and The LED Roving Photobooth. Now you have a party!!  This is a great way to capture all the memories live as they happen. Photos and videos were instantly shared via email and text plus we had a 55″ Monitor running a constant slide show. We also printed 4×6 photos with a custom border.  The best part is we were able to let everyone have fun and still be mindful of the required guidelines.


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