DIY Photo Booth

If you're doing a DIY photo booth for your event, then take a look at our DIY rental options. We teach you how to set it up, and you pick it up and can use it for multiple days, and then return after your event.

Fotoboyz to the rescue when another photo booth company is forced to cancel due to Covid.


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Fotoboyz to the rescue when another photo booth company is forced to cancel due to Covid.

21.01.23 DIY Photo Booth Dream Bay Resort Key Largo, FL

DIY Photo Booth Dreambay 4
DIY Photo Booth Rental

When Ron Ritz called us he was in a panic. His wife had contracted with a local Key Largo, FL company to have a Photo Booth at their daughter and future son in-law’s wedding; Cory & Rachel. They thought everything was just fine until they got a lot minute phone call 2 days before the wedding that the photo booth vendor had contracted CoVid-19 and was unable to set up at the wedding reception. How could they have a photo booth to capture the memories from their wedding?…. What to do!

Over the years Fotoboyz has made custom t-shirts for the family, so Ron contacted us and wanted to know if there was anything we could do to help save the day.

The best solution was our self service photo booth also know as DIY Photo booth (Do It Your Self) .

Ron came into our showroom and in less than 30minutes he was completely trained on how to set up and use the DIY photo booth. We even preloaded a custom logo and all software so that it was basically plug and play. Super simple is the key when using this type of booth. We worked really hard to make is simple and intuitive so anyone walking up to the photo booth knows exactly how to operate it.

The reception was to be held at Dream Bay Resort in the Florida Keys. This is a great event space where you can get married directly on the beach a romantic and picturesque venue, located right on the Gulf of Mexico, in Key Largo, the first island in the chain known as the Florida Keys. The gorgeous water views and sunsets are the perfect backdrop for the special day. It was the perfect spot.

DIY Photo Booth Dream Bay Resort

We were able to simply train Ron on how to setup our super easy Open style Photo Booth.  The guests were easily able to operate our Open Air Photo booth at the wedding. They had the choice of a Boomerang video, GIF, or a traditional photo. Each time they went up to the booth they could have a different experience. The great part is we made a custom border that went around the photos with the couples monogram and color scheme. Just as soon as the photos were taken they had the option to share via text or email. When they got the text or email we included a gallery of all the photos taken throughout the weekend

We also added  a collection of virtual snap chat style filters for some added fun. Ron added the props package with 20 wedding specific fun signs, an 8 foot x 8 foot blue shimmer backdrop and a mobile hotspot to ensure all the friends and family would get their photos right a way. We have over 20 different backdrops to match most themes plus we can custom create a backdrop just for you that can very easily be set up with you monogram or logo as well.

The cool part was since the DIY photo booth was picked up on Thursday and  was scheduled to be returned on Monday, they were able to use the open style photo booth for Friday nights rehearsal dinner, for the actual reception, the late night after party and Sunday brunch. What a great variety of photos.

Over 300 photos, boomerang videos and animated gifs were taken. A slideshow feature was added to allow the guests to see all the photos.

DIY Photo Booth Dreambay Photo

DIY Photo Booth Dreambay GIF

DIY Photo Booth Dreambay Boomerang

We were very happy to be able to help Ron and his family during these very weird times to still be able to celebrate, make the family memories and share them instantly. The last step was to online host all the photos. We shared a link with Ron so he could invite all the guests that attended and even those family members that couldn’t make to wedding but wanted to share in on all the fun.

The DIY Photo booth was the problem solver answer that allowed everyone to ultimately have a great time.

Congratulations to Rachel and Cory!